I work best with clients who want to make lasting changes in their lives. Together we find hope and strength to develop skills that enable my clients to find a sense of wellness in their lives. Often my clients are struggling with intense emotions from trauma, grief, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, together we identify the patterns of these emotions and then explore and learn adaptive coping strategies to manage these emotions. Sometimes, my clients may use drugs to manage their stress or emotions but they are interested in learning alternative coping skills. Working with clients who want to strengthen their relationships with their partners, children, or co-workers, we will focus on values, communication, and increasing fun in relationships. Finally, I help my clients learn to manage the stress from balancing the multiple personal, familial, and professional demands.

** Depression and grief are the common colds of mental health. Some symptoms of depression are sadness, irritability, difficulty experiencing pleasure, attention and concentration problems, and feelings of worthlessness or guilt. They are normal responses to stress but sometimes, people struggle to overcome these reactions. There is hope, effective treatments for depression include CBT, ACT, and Mindfulness-based interventions. Schedule an appointment to find out more.

** Are people annoyed or angry at your alcohol or drug use? Have you felt guilty because of your use? Have you ever used more of a drug than you wanted? Answering Yes to one of these questions could indicate a drug problem. Motivational interviewing, relapse prevention, and CBT are effective treatments that can help you lead a healthier life.

** Have you experienced stressful or traumatic events which have changed how you feel, think, or behave? There is hope to feel better. Please schedule an appointment so we can discuss and select the best treatment for you.

** 29% of individuals diagnosed with a medical illness also have a comorbid mental illness. Understanding the relationship between physical and mental health and learning coping skills to manage the symptoms can help you lead a better life.

** Feeling frustrated, unsatisfied, or lonely in your relationship. Couples counseling can strengthen your relationships by deepening your emotional and physical connection. Learn how to reconnect, communicate, and play with your partner.

More more information or to schedule an appointment, contact me.